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Decorative painting





    Two pieces of colored glass, skilfully assembled in anecdotal composition or ornamental pattern, will transform any interior and breathe a harmony of color and light in it. Of course, we are talking about stained glass.

    From the very beginning, this kind of arts and crafts was used purely for the windows of churches, mosques and other significant buildings.Indeed, it is very beautiful. Just imagine flowing sunlight, which gets into room through colourful pieces of glass, sparkle variegated colours and softly reflects on the floor.

    Nowadays, there are more than 20 types of stained glass, which are used almost everywhere. They fit perfectly into the design of furniture, glass panels in doors and just as separate decorative elements. While artificial lightsintensify all this beauty.

    Artists from iZavgorodniy studio will qualitatively and quicklymake stained glassdesigned by your and our sketches. Only handmade. The cost depends on the work load, complexity of composition and details.



"AS-DECOR" - First name of our studio