Currently we are working on:

    There is no sense in talking about tendencies,techniques, styles, genres and periods, which exist in visual arts. All this information you can easily find in the Internet. Moreover, as the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words".

       On the website of our studio "iZavgorodniy" you can see quality, beauty and, of course, our potential, but unfortunately you cannot enjoy the greatness of our art in full measure. You will be able to see and feel only 25% of the possible 100%;nevertheless,this will give you the opportunity to understand whether you want to see the remaining 75%?

     If so, then with your wishes and possibilities "iZavgorodniy" team will realize and materialize all your desires. If you need an exclusive and individual interior, then you need us. All our works are made by hand, without printing, stamping or samples. Only manual work according to our and your sketches.

Best regards,

Igor Zavgorodniy,

chief artist and director of the"iZavgorodniy studio".




"AS-DECOR" - First name of our studio