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Decorative painting

    Pay your attention to old buildings with beautiful molded elements, which in the course of time lose its magnificence and come to ruin. Competent and opportune restoration of the façade will not only maintain the aesthetic look of the building, but also prolong its life.

    iZavgorodniy team will breathe a new life in old buildings. In the unique,like Mona Lisa`s smile, manner we will decorate the facades of private houses, apartments, administrative buildings, office centers and industrial buildings. If you planted a tree, gave birth to a son and are planning to build a house, then make it unique.  Empire style stucco elements, sculptures of charming Greek women or huge antique columns will show your dignity in the best way.

     Nothing limits the imagination. We can do everything – nameplates and signs, anecdotal and thematic panels, stucco elements, unusual textures – from Venetian plaster to clay-walled hut.

     With the help of high-strength gypsum and concrete as well as modern materials and technologies, we create unique projects, which will never be repeated by other customers!

    The cost of service is determined individually after the checking and measurements and depends on the work load and complexity. You can see the price list with initial prices .



"AS-DECOR" - First name of our studio