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    In old times decorative painting was considered as a privilege of the rich. Only kings and aristocracy could permit themselves to pay for these amazing picture-galleries, which painters created in their mansions. These masterpieces inspire us to this very day.

    In the modern world decorative painting was transformed and became accessible to everyone. It ideally blended with the classic interior, mixed with the modern, graffiti, abstraction and loft.

   iZavgorodniy team will manually decorate your walls in different styles: luxurious classicism, baroque or rococo in your living room or bedroom; amusing pictures in the children`s room, which will make your kids smile; individual paintings for your shop, restaurant or sports complex, which will attract more customers.

   Since we use only modern, environmentally friendly and safe materials, then even Henry II will envy your future interior!



"AS-DECOR" - First name of our studio