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    Nowadays bas-relief is one of the most popular types of the architectural décor. The relief picture with well-designed details excites not only the palm, but also feelings – gives the effect of presence among textured mountains of dry plaster blend or animates the gait of thoroughbred plaster mustang.

    Forms, surfaces, structures and the lack of frames make the bas-relief what it is. There are three kinds of bas-relief, and that is exactly the case when size does matter. The picture that rises above the plane at a half of its size is the bas-relief par excellence, if more than ½ of the depth is shown then it is high relief and if the picture projects very little from the background then it is low-relief.

    Our bas-reliefs will not only decorate your house, pool, shop, cafe or office, but also expand the space and bring you in another era or place. We can offer you thousands of variants: relief panels for your empty wall, plane sculpture for decoration of the fireplace, imitation of windows, doors and shelves to create the atmosphere of mystery. A great variety of styles – from minimalism to baroque, topics – from picturesque landscapes to the portrait of mothers-in law, sizes – from photo frame 9Х13 to skyscrapers.

     The price for bas-relief equals the quality. The cost depends on the work load, complexity of composition and details. Of course, if you appreciate quality, professionalism and individual approach, then you should have no issues in this paragraph. Nevertheless, if you have some questions, then you can see the price list with initial prices.





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